Spark ROAS is a performance-focused growth marketing agency. We help dozens of ecommerce brands scale their business through paid media, affiliate & PR, and email marketing. 

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Partnership Management

You'll hear us refer to Affiliate, PR and Influencers as the partnerships channel. By tapping into these three overlapping channels and pulling the best strategies from each, we're able to deliver placement results that neither affiliate OPMs nor PR agencies can deliver by themselves. 

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Our Process

Spark ROAS is a digital marketing company that helps brands grow through proven growth marketing strategies and services. We don't hack our way to growth, but build it consistently in a way that will deliver a foundation for future scale.

We aren't your typical digital agency

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Most (but not all) clients we talk with have existing campaigns set up. Let us take a look and tell you where we'd improve things. 


We primarily focus on Paid Social and Google Ads for our clients, creating custom user acquisition funnels with your target ROAS as our ultimate success metric. 

Our team of strategists and designers help build successful email campaigns through a combination of automated flows and modern email design elements that just work. 


We've pioneered the crossover between these three channels to supercharge our client's partnership programs; driving more content exposure with a performance model. 



Whether we manage a single growth service or all three, we work with our clients to provide holistic growth strategies and ensure our managed KPIs are contributing to profitable growth for your business. 

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